Operating a lucrative business in the market may seem appealing to many young aspirants. As company owners, they need to take on the responsibility of leading a team of sincere employees. In doing so, they will be accountable for their own actions and those working under them. Like all leaders, they have got to ensure the welfare and personal development of their employees. Only then will they earn their respect and trust. Unfortunately, the workload and pressures of being successful business leaders can burn them out over time, and this where they need to take care of themselves!

Mark Strome – How can business owners avoid a burnout?

Mark Strome is an esteemed business owner and philanthropist from the United States. He has over 20 years of valuable experience in hedge fund and international investing. He is the brainchild behind the success of numerous public-trading and private companies. Many of these businesses operate in the national and global markets. These include Kayne Anderson, Pulse Biosystems, Mireina, Reflexivity Entertainment, and Concrete Media.  He is currently the Founder Member, Chairman, and Chief Investment Officer of Strome Investment Management. He is the patron of The Strome Family Foundation, a prominent charitable organization.

He says business owners need to know how to be productive without compromising their well-being. They should never equate efficiency with long hours in the workplace.  On the contrary, they need to learn how to work smartly instead of hard. Only when business owners take good care of themselves can they become competent leaders. This is the reason why they should keep in mind the following tips:

1 Make health and well-being a priority

Running lucrative businesses successfully can be very challenging for their owners. They need to be mentally and physically strong to be able to discharge their responsibilities. Otherwise, they are bound to fall sick. This is the reason why business owners need to develop healthy habits. These include working out regularly, getting adequate sleep, and eating healthy. Only then do they earn the respect of people who work for them.

2 Striking a balance between work and pleasure

Business owners do have numerous goals that they strive to achieve. They are aware that this is not the only priority in their lives. Spending quality time with their family members and friends is just as important. Only then can they become stress-free productive leaders. This is why they need to strike a balance between work and pleasure through effective time-management.

3 Being realistic about goal setting

Business owners are generally exceptional achievers. They are aware of their own acumen, strengths, flaws, and limitations. They also have a fairly good idea of the capabilities of the people who work for them. This is why they never aim to fulfill too many targets within a short time. This results in failure, stress, and fatigue. They instead set attainable targets within a reasonable time frame.

Mark Strome sums up by explaining business owners need to have a good intellect and strong character. Only then can they lead a team of employees in achieving their overall organizational goals. Unfortunately, they are not invincible and prone to breakdowns. This is why self-care, maintaining proper work-pleasure balance, and being realistic should be a priority for them always.

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