A great office area always needs to have great interior design. But often it’s seen that most offices end up with the average or unattractive design. Well, to have a killer design you need to have a killer office interior design company. But the issue here is that getting the best interior design company is quite hard as most companies are not that good at what they do. Well, if you are looking for such companies, then here are a few that will help you to get your office design to be very attractive.

Best Office Interior Design Company:

Well, here is the list of companies that can provide the Interior design of your office a refreshing look. Hopefully, the provided list will be of help to you.

7 Interior Architect:

One of the best when it comes to interior designing. They have years of experience in interior designing and along with designing offices they also design private residences. They can do both European and Asian style office designs and if you want a mixture of both the styles, then that is possible as well. Their prices are quite low too and they will offer discounts as well.

Hyla Architects:

Another major architectural firm that can provide you the best design you can imagine for your office. They have been active for quite a few years and is regarded as one among the top 10 interior design companies. They have designed quite a lot of office and among these are quite a few notable companies as well. Some of the latest designs made by them has left a lot of people awe-struck.


One of the most successful interior designing companies of all time. They can provide your office with an energizing look that will bolster the morale of your employees. In one of their recent works, they have made a radiant Italian style looking office. The materials used in the office were carefully selected that would give the office a clean and sleek look, along with that the furniture provided also looks way stunning making people wanting to stay in the office more.

Formwerkz Architects: 

Probably one of the most prolific studios in the sector. These guys come with a total experience of over 15 years, so you can quite easily understand how good they might be. They have received quite a few awards as well, such as the building of the year award, then the international architecture award, then the European center for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. Most of their designs consist of interiors with a minimalistic design. The furniture used is mostly from expressive Italian designers and even the fabrics are quite a high end too.

Greeen Interior Design:

Greeen Interior Design is another big name in the game. They have been providing reliable service since their initiation. This is where elegance meets professionalism because most of their designs are catchy and chic. As they are experts in this field you can expect the prices to be easing on your budget as well. The design created them will leave a lasting effect on any person who visits your office. They have a friendly team that will provide you with updated reports and provides feedback on your renovations.

Aamer Architects: 

They have been in this business since 1994, so you can quite well understand how good they can be. They provide a full spectrum of architectural and professional services. The most recent design made by them features an oriental design that is combined with a dash of European taste. Most designs made by the sleek and leaves a lasting effect on people. They are said to be the most influential interior designer available in the market nowadays.

0932 Design Consultant

They have done a wide variety of projects, which include MNC offices, wellness centers, hotels, resorts, etc. The designs made by them stand out and can infuse warmth and also comes with minimalistic features. Most of their attention is given to sleekness and simplicity for both furniture and textiles. And when it comes to cost, they are quite cost-effective and will provide you with the below-average market price.

Studio Syrb:

A recent office apartment designed by them has garnered a lot of attention and appreciation. The material selected for the office was done with great care and to leave a lasting impression of people. They are regarded as one of the best interior designing firms in the market right now as they have been in this business since 1994. Well, you can quite understand the type of service they can provide by that itself.

Well, these were some of the top office interior design companies. If you are looking for someone who can provide you with something warm at a cheap price, then Greeen Interior Design is the one you should go for. But at the end of the day it is your choice, so choose wisely.

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