Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Online Assessment Platform

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Online Assessment Platform


Online assessment platforms make it easy for you to gauge the aptitude of multiple people in a short period. They can also stimulate and enhance learning. Because of such benefits, such platforms are growing in popularity and adoption.

If you’re looking for a cloud-based assessment platform for your organization, you need to avoid some common mistakes. These can hamper your growth in both the short and long term.

1. Not Knowing Your Requirements

If you go shopping without even knowing what you want to buy, you’ll end up returning home disappointed or dissatisfied. And that’s the same with the online assessment platform. They come in various shapes and sizes in technical terms with varying features and functionalities. Each functionality is developed, keeping in mind the need of the target market. If you’re not the platform’s target audience, then the features will seem irrelevant to you.

Therefore, the key to choosing the right online assessment platform is to look into your organization. Do you need an online assessment platform that’s available in multiple languages? Or do you need one that’s advanced in reporting and analytics? One focused on language is unlikely to meet your needs if you’re looking for advanced reporting. Although there will be an overlap in the features, it’s better to know what you want out of an online assessment platform.

2. Getting your Budgeting Wrong

Online assessment platforms don’t come for free. There’s always a price to pay. And this is a long-term commitment. You’ll most likely be using the platform for an extended period. Therefore, you must know what price you can pay over that time.

The pricing of the platform also depends on the features. Therefore, that’s another reason why you should know your requirements before selecting a cloud-based assessment platform.

Some software charges an upfront fee, while others like Janison Online Assessment are flexible enough to charge a monthly fee, based on your usage. You’ll get your preferred option, but it’s essential to have a realistic budget in mind.

3. Excluding Free Trails when Prospecting

When diving deep into features, organizations often exclude free trial as a parameter to access the platforms. But free trials are essential and can help you differentiate a good one from an irrelevant one. A free trial is your best chance to explore an online assessment platform like Janison Online Assessment and correlate the experience with the promises.

A free trial can range from a week to a month. Or it can also be based on the number of users. Always look to take advantage of the free trials offered. You can run a pilot project on more than one platform and compare the results side by side. That’s a great way to get real-world feedback before investing.

4. Not Focusing on Security

Finally, the last mistake you should avoid is not considered security as a parameter. You need to understand that the assessment platform will store sensitive information. Also, the portal will be open to the public, accessible with correct credentials. Therefore, there’s always a chance of someone trying to steal the information. Hackers and bad actors are forever in the hunt for potential targets. Consequently, you need to ensure that the platform uses the latest cybersecurity techniques to guard itself.

With the right online assessment platform, you can carry out tests within hours. But choosing the correct one is the key. Always keep the above things in mind when selecting an online assessment platform for your organization.

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