Personalized stubby holders

Personalized stubby holders


Stubby holders are part of the Australian identity. In Australia, the beverage holder or insulator is called a stubby holder. As history teaches us, beer cans were packaged in 375-millilitre cans. These cans were short and bloated, colloquially known as “stubbies”. Cut to the present, stubby holders or stubby coolers have become ubiquitous. They resonate with terms such as party, barbecue, bar, giveaways, etc. Stubby coolers have become multipurpose insulated drink containers that are perfect for numerous occasions. One can buy stubby coolers online or buy them directly. This article discusses how stubby coolers have become more than a can holder and how personalizing them has contributed to that feat.


As discussed earlier, stubbies are a multipurpose drink container. First, they act as an insulator between the consumers’ hands and the drink, thus avoiding any damage to the skin. Second, it keeps the beverage at a particular temperature. Beers are best when consumed at a cooler temperature.

Third, stubbies can promote other products. That is, they are promotional material. It is a promotional tool for any product, from football, cricket to everyday franchise companies. Fourth, custom made, personalized stubbies are one of the best things to be gifted. High-quality, printed stubby holders are great gifts for any occasion, such as weddings, bucks parties, birthdays, engagements, conferences, sports days and trade fairs.

How are they made?

Neoprene or polychloroprene is the raw material for making stubby coolers. It is a rubber best known for its insulation properties. Thus it is the perfect material for keeping the beverage cool during the consumption period. Like any other rubber manufacturing, stubbies are also moulded into the shape of a can holder by pressure and force.

Printing of the external layer of stubby holders can be done in two ways. First, using the method of full-colour sublimation prints. This method uses three components to print an image on a hard surface: sublimation ink, heat and pressure. Second, a simple screen printing. One can choose the method based on the available budget.

There are many variants of stubbies. First, the traditional one that everyone knows. It is the original design of a stubby cooler. Second, adjustable velcro stubby holders. As the name shows, they are universal can holders that can adjust to the can’s size. Third, collapsible stubby holders, also known as koozies. It costs the least and is very compact. They are easy to pack and easy to store.

Why choose stubby coolers?

Stubbies, as discussed before, is made of Neoprene. Neoprene is a unique chemical that is resistant to water and UV rays. Since it is UV resistant, stubbies keep the beverage cool even under direct sunlight.

They are perfect for every occasion. Stubbies are ubiquitous. They are growing more and more attractive as a gift or part of the merchandising for many events. It is a party accessory, a parting memento and pub essentiality. It is all in one.

Moreover, stubbies are close to everyone in Australia. It is present everywhere here. Anyone can order stubby coolers online from anywhere at any time, thanks to technology.

Perks of Personalization

Any product that is capable of being personalized transforms itself into a robust product. The personalization of stubby coolers gives flexibility to the consumers to play. It provides a space for creativity, emotion and fun. As a gift, customized Stubbs is a fun and affordable choice. Thus, personalized stubby coolers are the whole package.

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