The type of machinery required to make money in the demolition industry

The type of machinery required to make money in the demolition industry


A demolition business can be profitable and you can expect to grow as a profitable demolition company with a solid business approach. The most skilled companies in this business are making huge turnovers with a solid machinery fleet. There are many opportunities for small-scale demolition businesses focusing on residential and commercial projects -the opportunities are endless.

However, like every business, there are challenges. You need to secure good resources including machinery, obtain necessary licenses, permits, and secure profitable work. There’s stiff in the industry and contractors need to work efficiently and move on to the next job in as little time as possible.

This guide provides information about the different type of machinery you need to make money in the demolition industry:

Machinery required for the demolition industry

A demolition project is somewhat different than a construction project, in terms of challenges and uncertainty. Demolition can be a dangerous process if not handled correctly.

Your selection for the machinery depends on a lot of factors like the type of material, size of the building, location, and surrounding environment. The machinery for a low-level demolition will be different than that for a multi-story or high-level demolition. Some common machinery you should have in your fleet:


Utilizing excavator hire services provides powerful and extremely work-efficient machines that have revolutionized the demolition industry. They are steady and precise which helps you to complete your project efficiently. The long boom and bucket of the excavator is easy to operate at the site and also has the ability to demolish any type of construction material. There are also mini excavator rentals available for smaller jobs like digging trenches and removing plumbing.

Excavators are versatile and you can use different attachments like grapples, pulverizers, claws, hammers, and shears that are particularly helpful for commercial-scale demolition projects. It can easily take on tough demolition tasks like breaking tough walls and solid structures. A typical long-reach excavator is ideal in this field.

Backhoe loaders

For low-level and small-scale demolition works, backhoe loaders have a lot to offer. You can use the front bucket as a wheel loader to demolish walls and low-level structures and you can use a hydraulic breaker or ripper as an attachment to the loader to work through tough materials like concrete or rock during demolition.

Skid-steer loaders

This machine is perfect if you’re looking to work in tight spaces and small-scale demolition. It is a versatile, compact, and rigid machine that can easily perform demolition tasks. You can replace the front bucket with different attachments like a hydraulic breaker, pallet booms, or mower as per the requirements of the project. Due to its unique steering and mobility, experts recommend this machine for demolition companies.

Wheel loaders

During demolition, when you have to move a pile of material or dump it into a truck, a wheel loader is a perfect machine. It is like a tractor that has a front-mounted square wide bucket to scoop up materials.


Cranes are quite expensive but necessary for high-level or multi-scale demolition. In a typical arrangement, contractors use a crane with a heavy-weight wrecking ball that is attached to a cable. The crane swings the wrecking ball to the side of a building to knock it down. It is a hit and trial method and not precise. It is an old method and long-reach excavators and new technologies have replaced this method

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