Safety Recommendations for Acrylic Bending Machines

Safety Recommendations for Acrylic Bending Machines


When you’re dealing with acrylic bending machines, you need to be extremely careful. In order to get the desired output and use the equipment safely, you’re required to take a few basic safety precautions.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some safety recommendations you need to keep in mind while operating equipment for polishing and bending plastics.

1. Understand How the Machine Works

If this is your first time operating a plastic bending machine, the first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with how it works and what you need to do for safe operation. Refer to the instruction manual for tips on how to use the equipment without getting injured.


The instructions will help you understand how to operate the machine properly and minimize your chances of mishaps. It’s also advisable that you seek proper training from people who are experienced in handling these machines.

2. Watch Your Hands

When you’re placing the plastic sheet on the bender, make sure your hands are at a safe distance from the machine. If you don’t pay attention, you’ll put yourself in harm’s way and may incur serious or permanent injuries. Don’t forget to wear safety gloves and avoid tracing a sharp cut even when your hands are protected.

3. Wear Safety Goggles and Work Boots

It’s recommended that you wear safety goggles as fine particles may fly during the bending process and damage your eyes. Wearing work boots is also advised as they’ll help protect your feet from any sharp scraps or pointed materials.

Potential Hazards to Consider

Electric Shocks

You need to maintain your machines regularly, whether you’re using manual or a utomatic

b ending machines, and conduct surveys to ensure that they’re safe to use at all times. Make sure the machine is getting extra low voltage and all the wires are properly insulated to prevent electric shocks.


It’s important to take caution and wear protective gloves while handling different components.


Make sure to pay attention to what you’re doing and place your hands under cold water for around ten minutes if you get burned accidentally.

Bottom Line

These were just a few important safety tips you need to remember when you’re handling plastic bending machines in order to prioritize your own safety and that of others around you.

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