Why Home Cleaning & Sanitization Is Important In Covid-19

Why Home Cleaning & Sanitization Is Important In Covid-19


Never has having a clean house more critical than in the current pandemic situation. The Covid-19 pandemic has made us realise the importance of cleanliness. Homeowners are now more informed and educated and understand the importance of disinfecting and sanitisation services in their homes. However, these increased cleaning standards has brought a lot of stress on our minds. We don’t even have all the time to resource or perform these tasks ourselves. 

That’s where Home cleaning services in Delhi can be beneficial. Covid-19 spreads as a bio-aerosol. While the virus is quite fragile, the reports suggest that it can persist for longer hours on hard surfaces, both porous and non-porous. This increases the opportunity for the virus to transfer from hand to body and increases the risk of infection. This is why it is now undoubtedly important to avail cleaning services to kill the virus then and there only. 

Cleaning Of High Contact Surfaces 

The high contact surfaces, such as door handles, switches, countertops, etc., should be specially cleaned and disinfected to reduce the transmission of the virus. Outdoor surfaces like railings or sidewalks will also need proper disinfection and sanitisation to reduce the risk of infection. The market is flooded with different cleaning agents, but it’s essential to use the right product that cleans the surface and kills all the bacteria and viruses. 

Disinfecting the right way 

Sanitisation or disinfecting will be worthless if it’s not done in the right way. When you disinfect the surfaces with a more powerful agent, it provides more protection from the microbes. When you disinfect or sanitise the surfaces regularly at frequent intervals, the viruses or bacteria don’t get the option to stay on the surface for long. This avoids the transmission of the virus through touch. Many home cleaning services are specially called up for disinfecting and sanitisation services to remove germs effectively in the right way. 

The Right Cleaning Product 

A mixture of sodium hypochlorite should be used in a non-healthcare setting like a home or office space at a concentration of 0.1% to 49 parts of water. The disinfectant or sanitiser, which should be used as a product, should contain almost 70-90% of alcohol for surface disinfection. The surfaces which are cleaned with the right cleaning product ensure 99.9% of bacteria or virus free surface. 

Sanitisation To Combat Covid-19 

According to the research studies, non-porous surfaces are able to transmit viruses much more than porous materials or surfaces. Therefore for the cleanliness of the non-porous surfaces, sanitisers play a crucial role in making the surface virus or bacteria-free. Sanitisation reduces the growth of viruses, fungi and many other types of harmful bacteria. The Sanitisation services in Delhi use sanitisers that effectively reduces all the bacteria and kills all the surface viruses. This makes the surface safe to touch and will restrict the movement of the virus from the surface to the human body. Therefore sanitisation of the surfaces becomes essential to reduce the transmission of the virus. 

In present times we understand how much it is essential to clean and disinfect our homes with the right products or in the right way to protect our family and us from contracting the virus. But it’s not possible we can do it all. Therefore it is best to hire a home cleaning service who can perform all the cleaning and disinfecting tasks. 

Nakoda Urban Services is a promising house cleaning and sanitisation service provider, which helps its clients, maintain a clean and safe environment in their personal space. They are one of the best cleaning services in Delhi, which are well equipped with the right tools and technology to provide satisfactory results to their customers. 

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