Why is Manipal University a Little Expensive?

Why is Manipal University a Little Expensive?


Located near the serene and picturesque banks of River Swarna, Manipal University or Manipal Group of Higher Education is renowned amongst the topmost institutions of India. While it has successfully established its prestige as the haven for engineering and professional courses, most people across different states of India believe that it is quite expensive.

Indeed, professional courses are supposed to be expensive, but an average engineering course from Manipal University costs 11 -14 lakhs. And this price range doesn’t even include the hostel fee, mess charges, etc. Here’s why Manipal University is a little expensive than other popular professional institutions in India:

Educational Funding

It might come up as a surprise, but Manipal Institute of Technology is our nation’s first engineering college built entirely on self-funding. Its complete establishment, architecture, course setup, and faculty management didn’t receive any financial support from government bodies or eminent business groups. Although some professors have managed to coup government funds for proposed projects in recent years, the fees received from its students are the only source of revenue that runs the place as well.

On the contrary, other famous professional institutes such as IIT Bombay get fairly sufficient financial support from government and private channels. And yet, their average fee structure depicts an annual fee of 2 lakhs or more. If you compare Manipal University with any other institution, you will realize that the fee structure of Engineering in Manipal isn’t as exorbitant as they say.

Campus Facilities

The campus structure of Manipal University is gigantic. There are many other amenities such as 24*7 electricity backup and proper plumbing facilities in the hostel. It is quite commendable that the campus manages to drift away from the water crisis even after the existential hill-location trouble.

Electricity and plumbing aren’t the only facilities you should be expecting while joining a professional course at Manipal University. The wifi connection in the campus has been impressively robust since the days when smartphones didn’t exist and the internet was expensive. This kind of campus facility and conviction for students counts.

Bonus for Learners

Many people may not know this, but Manipal University provides a free laptop to all its students. Technically, the laptop does come from the fee you pay during or after admission, but they never ask for the laptop back from their students. If the laptop costs 60-70K, the cost of the operating system can be segregated as the annual fees of 15-18K, which isn’t too harsh.

Highly Qualified Faculty

The teacher-student ratio in an average engineering college lies between 1-60 and 1-70. It means that most colleges have just one teacher over every 60-70 students. Manipal University has a stack of qualified and experienced teachers, and hence the aforementioned ratio is slightly better than other professional institutions. For a fully self-funded educational establishment, offering this scale of faculty can be a very big deal. This is another reason why Manipal University charges high fees from its students.

Unceasing Growth

Manipal Institution is proliferating its way through higher student onboarding, better faculty, and campuses in different locations. The management ensures to come up with course improvisations, enhanced hostel facilities, more admissions, and elevated architectural setup every year. Some of its sister institutions are located in the states where the locality itself creates plenty of challenges for the management. The expansion is expensive, and they are moving towards it with relentless zeal.

Aside from all these facilities, Manipal University also releases scholarships for some of its best-performing students. If you really compare Manipal University with any other college of a similar rank, you will understand why it is a little expensive.

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