Why Should You Hire an Agency to Buy Burial Insurance for Seniors Over 70?

Why Should You Hire an Agency to Buy Burial Insurance for Seniors Over 70?


Burial insurance covers the costs of a funeral and other related expenses. Senior citizens who want to plan for their last rites and yet do not want to relegate the payments of rituals to their children or next of kin can buy this insurance. Getting an agency to help you with the process of buying burial insurance for seniors over 70 is a good idea as they can take care of all the formalities for you. Here is how they can help you.

1. Helping With Research

An agency will help you with the research and comparative studies between the various insurance providers. Since they work independently, they know what the different insurance providers have to offer. It contrasts to salespersons from specific insurance providers who will only push their policies, whether suitable for the person wanting to get insured.

2. Doing the Paperwork

While burial insurance policies do not usually involve a lot of paperwork, there are, of course, you have to undergo certain formalities. A senior citizen, especially over 70, might not have the energy or inclination to go through written documents. They might not understand the legal aspects of the tax rules that come with it. All they want is to arrange for the funds for their funeral with minimum hassle.

An agency will do all the groundwork in this respect. The senior citizen will not have to worry about the intricacies at all.

3. Helping With the Death Benefit

An agency will help the beneficiary of the insured person the full death benefit amount. Some insurance companies want to settle on the final amount- they point out clauses and talk about regulations and deduct chunks away from the final payable amount.

For your loved one, who has a funeral to execute according to the deceased’s wishes and who is also dealing with the loss, it becomes a very emotionally trying time. They might not be in a position to enter into an argument at this point. An agency will take care of your death benefit and ensures he or she gets the full amount.

4. Emotional Support

An expert from an agency will also be a source of emotional support at this very intense time. When the agency representative works with you and your family, the representative gets to know you personally. They also form a bond.

Both the parties appreciate when the final moment arrives, and the insured person leaves the world. You will not get this level of personal involvement and emotional support from a sales executive in an insurance office.

With your burial insurance for seniors over 70, you depart from this world on your terms. You can include all the aspects of your funeral according to your choice- be it the choice of casket, the venue for the memorial service, or a customized tombstone with an engraved epitaph. You won’t have to feel guilty about asking your children to bear the expenses for you, and you can go in peace.

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