The Essential Benefits You Should Know About CoQ10

The Essential Benefits You Should Know About CoQ10


CoQ10, or Coenzyme Q10, is a natural substance that the body produces. It is known to assist in the electron transport chain, the process your body undergoes to create energy. This energy is then stored in the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cells.

About 95% of the energy the cells need to function is made this way. So you must maintain healthy levels of CoQ10 in your body. But the human body only produces a small amount of this nutrient. That’s why it’s necessary to take CoQ10 supplements when the body doesn’t make the optimum amount it needs. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to order CoQ10 online.

Benefits of CoQ10

It could help you maintain your youthful skin

The skin is the largest organ and is the most exposed to damage. These damages accumulate and contribute to its aging. CoQ10 helps minimize damage by increasing energy production and bolstering protection. When used topically, it helps reduce damage from oxidation due to ultraviolet radiation and even decrease wrinkles.

It could get rid of your migraines

Abnormal mitochondrial activities can lead to excessive production of “free radicals”, unstable atoms that cause oxidative stress, and damage the cells. This can lead to migraines. CoQ10 can improve mitochondrial operations and help mitigate the inflammation that migraines can induce.

It could save your brain

CoQ10 production decreases with age, and with it, mitochondrial functions also decrease. Significant mitochondrial disorders can lead to brain damage, as mitochondria are the primary energy source for brain cells.

CoQ10 supplements can reduce these effects as you grow older and possibly slow down neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s. It’s reasonably easy to find it in drug stores, pharmacies, or you can order CoQ10 online.

It could prevent cancer

When the body experiences oxidative stress, the cell structures can be damaged, affecting their function. If left unchecked, it increases the possibility of cancer. 

CoQ10 facilitates cellular energy production and cell protection, increasing their survival and health. 

It could prevent diabetes

Diabetics have a lower amount of CoQ10, and some diabetes medications can also hinder your body’s CoQ10 production. Studies have shown that mitochondrial dysfunctions can affect the progress of diabetes and closely-related diseases. Apart from destroying free radicals, CoQ10 can also help insulin resistance and balance blood sugar levels among diabetics.

CoQ10 Deficiency

Low levels of CoQ10 usually occur due to natural aging, or when using statin drugs like Atorvastatin and Lovastatin. These cholesterol-lowering medicines can also inhibit your body’s natural production of CoQ10.

CoQ10 deficiency is mostly seen in children, although there are adult cases. It causes various diseases, including infantile-onset multi-systemic diseases, cerebellar ataxia, and pure myopathy. 

Common symptoms of CoQ10 deficiency are muscle weakness and fatigue, even without physically strenuous activities. It can also affect your mental processes, causing concentration and memory lapses.

The Takeaways

CoQ10 is an all-important ingredient to keeping your body healthy, with supplements a popular and relatively safe way of improving your health. It has been linked to improved aging, cardiovascular health, physical performance, cancer prevention, brain health, and diabetes prevention. Although research about CoQ10’s health benefits to the body is still largely incomplete, there is a positive consensus for its health potential. 

High doses of CoQ10 is generally tolerable, but effects can be on a per-person basis. It may also have adverse effects when taken in with other supplements or medicines. Touch base with your doctor if you plan on availing of CoQ10 supplements so they can suggest you a proper dosage.

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